Charisse Ross has a lifelong mission to help young ladies and women of all ages to
excel and cultivate their dreams by becoming their best selves and doing what they
love! Charisse serves as the volunteer founding board members for Claim Your
Potential and works for a higher learning institution as the Career Development
Associate Director at a top ten University in Michigan. Charisse has over 20 years of
experience in nonprofit board administration, with a Master of Public Administration
degree, a Specialist degree in Education, and a Bachelor’s degree in Human

She also received an Executive Director certification from Rutgers University. Likewise,
she is certified in diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), human resources, and career and life
coaching. At Claim Your Potential, Charisse is the Vice President of the board and
offers her expertise in strategic planning, establishing policies, and board governance to
help Claim Your Potential achieve its mission and goals!