How to be Single on Purpose with Jacqui Pugh

In our third episode Sofie is joined by guest speaker Jacqui Pugh. Jacqui shares dating anecdotes and how she has turned that pain into power. She also shares advice and wonderful analogies that help her to be single on/with purpose and loving life.

Our next episode will be released on October 30th at 9 am EST.

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About the Guest

Jacqui Pugh

Jacqui Pugh is a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming and a certified life and emotional intelligence coach who helps people all around the world use their old flames to light their new fires.

Through humor, knowledge, and experience, she guides her clients through uncovering blocks and ineffective life patterns that have been holding them back, followed by introducing massive action in order to activate major, desired life changes.

Coming in 2023 is her book, “Sometimes It Takes a Breakup” – where she shares her story of how heartbreaks of all kinds lead her to her heart’s purpose, along with actionable steps for you to discover how to beneficially utilize yours.

Keep your eye out for her fun and raw podcast on life and relationships releasing this fall called, “Stop F*cking Settling!”

This fiery ball of energy will not stop pursuing her efforts to make this world a better place and to help make other people’s lives healthier and happier!

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