Spotlight a woman in your community

At Claim Your Potential, we believe in recognizing and celebrating the remarkable women who are making a difference in our communities. We invite you to shine a spotlight on an inspiring woman from your community who is creating positive change. We use these stories to uplift and inspire women and girls that they too can make a difference.

By submitting a nomination for our “Spotlight a Woman in Your Community” feature, you have an opportunity to raise up an exceptional woman and share their impactful work. Each week, we will feature one woman on our social media platforms, on our website, and in our newsletter, showcasing their achievements, contributions, and the difference they are making.

Please take a moment to complete the following form and tell us about the outstanding woman you want to spotlight. Share their story, their accomplishments, and how they align with the mission and values of Claim Your Potential. By sharing their journey and impact, you will inspire others, encourage them to pursue their goals, and foster a sense of empowerment within our community.

We appreciate your participation in recognizing the incredible women who are shaping our world. Thank you for joining us in our mission to create a world where every woman and girl has the tools, resources, and support to achieve their full potential. Together, let’s celebrate the exceptional women in our communities and inspire others to claim their potential!

Note: Any personal information provided will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of contacting you for further information or obtaining consent to feature the nominated woman in our spotlight.